About Us


We are a division of the Avis Forklift Centre group, a wholly owned company that has been operating since 1970. Please click on the link for more information on Avis Forklift – www.avisforklift.co.za

We have two Steelbro Sidelifters in our fleet, based in Gauteng Johannesburg, and we use these to provide a comprehensive container lifting and transport solution.

The transport division, Avis Container Lift, now has a fleet of Sidelifters (self-loading trailers) which are able to lift and transport both 20ft (6m) and 40ft (12m) shipping containers. Avis Container Lift can lift up to 36 ton containers using their Steelbro Side lifter, transfer it to a waiting trailer, to a rail wagon and stack your containers two high. Customers now have the convenience of receiving containers on the ground instead of on top of a trailer that usually has to be left in the customer’s premises while packing or unpacking the container.

With the container on the ground, the customer will be able to drive a forklift in and out of the container making loading and unpacking much easier and safer. We recently did a trial project at a scrap dealer and managed to move five containers per day, where they originally were only moving two per day.

Avis Container Lift has recently taken delivery of another Steelbro sidelifter, expanding our fleet of sidelifters, allowing us to provide a faster service to all our customers. Avis Container lift now uses the latest in Steelbro Sidelifter technology, the Steelbro SB361 Sidelifter which can uplift and transport both 20ft & 40ft full containers. We are now able to weigh the containers for our customers as our new sidelifter includes this handy feature.


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