We are all about efficiency and cost savings with our ground-breaking equipment solution. Whereas in the past you had to use a truck to collect the container and transport it to a site, the major problem was how to get it off the truck and onto the ground? The only solution was a mobile crane to handle the lift.

This is NOT the way to do it! – unsafe, cumbersome, expensive, no manoeuvrability, cannot transport but only relocate on site.

Avis Container Lift Benefits

The cost of deploying a mobile crane to a site, and hiring a truck to transport a container is more than triple the cost of our sidelifter doing the whole job. There is no management headache of coordinating the transporter and the crane to arrive on site at the same time.

Avis Container Lift

Once a crane has its crane extended it is no longer mobile so the container can only be placed within the reach of the turntable, whereas the sidelifter can lift, load, move, and offload anywhere in a yard or between sites.

Our sidelifters are unique in that they can transport and load/offload 2 x 6m empty containers or one full 6m and one full12m container weighing up to a maximum of 36T.



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