Case Studies


MINING – Moving mobile fuel stations from site to site. With a surface strip mining operation the plant equipment is often far away from the refueling station. The sidelifter repositions fuel tank containers in the immediate vicinity of the equipment saving time and travelling expenses of the equipment.

ROAD CONSTRUCTION – As a road is being built a static refueling station becomes further and further away as the road progresses. We uplift the fuel storage tank and move it closer to the equipment eliminating long distance travelling.

An NGO required 2 water purification plants which had been retro fitted into 6m containers to be transported from Gauteng, South Africa to Maun in Botswana, where our containerlift had to place these plants onto pre prepared designated cement bases. Owing to the close proximity of the site to the water’s edge, the containerlift was perfectly suited to place these expensive plants directly onto their positions.



How to get prefabricated accommodation to Lesotho in a remote high altitude location?
Avis Containerlift rose to the challenge and delivered complete ‘hotel rooms’ to the exciting holiday destination at “Afriski” in the Lesotho highlands.

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